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The Microbiome: Why Yours Matters

The human body contains a complex combination of microorganisms, or microbes, that live on and throughout the body. Many of these small organisms live in the stomach, small intestine, and colon. The collection of these microorganisms, including bacteria, is called the microbiome and its scale is quite staggering – there are trillions of them!  … Read More

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Whole Biome’s Key Clinical Trial

This 16 week placebo-controlled study evaluates the safety and impact of two medical food study products, WBF10 and WBF11, consisting of commensal microbes. The primary endpoints were safety, glucose AUC during meal tolerance test and C reactive protein (CRP). Read More.

CEO Colleen Cutcliffe on What We Know about the Microbiome

Get to know our CEO & Co-Founder, Colleen Cutcliffe as she explains the microbiome’s curative powers for the disease state. Learn how microorganisms play an important role when it comes to our health in a way that we haven’t fully appreciated or understood until today.

Bacteria & the Science Behind Gut Health

A healthy gut plays a critical role in the overall well-being of our entire body. Although many of us have grown up believing that bacteria is something we should be wary of, the human microbiome contains many beneficial bacteria. The scale of the microbiome is massive — there are more than a trillion microorganisms, or… Read More

Probiotics + Prebiotics: A Lot To Digest

Probiotics have transformed the food and supplement markets and received a lot of attention over the years for empowering individuals to aid their own health. From yogurt to kefir to kombucha and even kimchi, manufacturers are moving health forward with everyday foods to help people stay healthy. What’s often overlooked is that prebiotics are also… Read More