We develop microbiome interventions for the management of metabolic syndrome and other diseases using our proprietary discovery platform.

Why Your Microbiome Matters

The human microbiome is an ecosystem made up of billions of bacterial organisms that function with our bodies and impact our overall health. These live microorganisms, also known as beneficial bacteria, can offer diverse health benefits.


In the past 10 years, research of the microbiome has shown deficiencies that have been linked to a range of diseases including diabetes, autism, depression, cardiovascular, cancer and Parkinson’s Disease.

Our Discovery Platform


Whole Biome has pioneered the ability to identify novel bacteria and their potential for affecting human health. We use our high resolution data and analytical tools to identify specific microbiome markers and novel interventions.

Our Data Driven, Integrated Approach

We apply a unique approach to the development of medical interventions with a team of technical specialists across Lab, Compute, and Clinical teams.


We use cutting edge technology to identify, test and measure novel strains and microbiome solutions to create and deliver products with high efficacy.


Our integrated, iterative process enables rapid testing and development of efficacious products.

Whole Biome’s Pipeline


Whole Biome is developing a range of microbiome solutions to help improve patient health and well-being. The company’s current pipeline includes pre-clinical and clinical trials focused on novel microbiome interventions in key areas including diabetes and IBS.

Type 2 Diabetes

Through years of research, Whole Biome has pinpointed specific beneficial bacteria that are missing in people with type 2 diabetes. We have a number of clinical trials in place targeting type 2 diabetes.

In a key clinical trial, Whole Biome T2D was shown to significantly lower A1C levels and reduce post-meal blood sugar spikes in people with type 2 diabetes.

"Whole Biome's approach is most likely to lead to significant clinical advances.” - Dr. Robert Ratner


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Whole Biome has pinpointed specific microbiome functions that may help in the management of IBS symptoms.

Dr. Jay Pasricha, the Head of Neurogastroenterology at Johns Hopkins University, performed preclinical studies on our proprietary microbial approach, which were presented at the Annual Digestive Disease Week Conference. Results show that our proprietary synbiotic reduced both pain and anxiety.

“This synbiotic has the potential for broad therapeutic effects on the gut brain axis in IBS.” - Dr. Jay Pasricha